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Post-Exam book haul

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When someone’s talking loudly on the subway and you’re trying to read. 

When anyone is talking loudly and I’m trying to read.

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is the macteenbooks only for the u.s or can people from the uk participate as well?

Anonymous said:
how to become part of the fierce reads? (the street team?)

Anonymous said:
can you explain the fierce reads street team to me?

1. The last time I checked I wasn’t in America so yes. There’s quite a few people also involved from Australia, Canada, England, etc.

2. Macteenbooks contacted me about it. I was part of the Lunar Chronicles street team last year and they’re following me here. They also contacted a lot of other blogs - not just solely book-related ones. The one I participated in for Spring releases is over now.

3. Basically it’s something Macmillan (a book publisher) organised in order to promote a selection of their Spring releases - the books are pictured here. We all received an ebook copy of a book to promote. I read Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira and you might have seen me feature it in a lot of posts and lists. I did a giveaway for it earlier in the year and I’ve also reblogged other people’s posts to promote the other books.

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and to you, if you have stuck with harry until the very end. xxx

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You have the best taste in books. :)

Yay, thanks! A great thing about book bloggers and readers in general is that we’re all going to have a different taste in books. I mean, I’d be terrified if I met another person who felt the same way about every single book that I’ve ever read. My taste in books has changed a lot over the past two years and I’d like to think that I’ve been a reader long enough now to have found that balance between reading the kind of books that I know I love and trying new things. I love receiving recommendations for books I might not have heard of or read before. Having a book blog is not just a great opportunity to unite with the people who love the same books that you do, but also to find out about different kinds of books. You guys have definitely contributed a lot to my taste in books!

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July Book Photo Challenge | Day 16
Favourite book fandom: Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch

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Follow Friday is a weekly feature on my blog, where I’ll promote a randomly selected book blog that I’m following. I strongly encourage that you follow them if you want more bookishness on your dash!

This week’s featured blog is.. *drum roll* enchantingpages

Otherwise known as Maddie, who is 14 and lives in England. She has such a pretty blog full of bookishness and she posts her own reviews and photography. Her favourite books include Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Book Thief, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Night Circus, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and more! She’s also on Goodreads

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Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and J.K Rowling 📚

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My giveaway is over!

I forgot to mention earlier but my giveaway is officially OVER. I’ve contacted the five winners and will hopefully organise their books soon. :)

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