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by yufrukt:

Happy World Book Day!

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April Book haul!

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I’ve had such a long and busy day that I really need to unwind with a book. So far I’ve not had time to read much for the readathon so I need to catch up.

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New Book: The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien (Collector’s Edition)

It’s become impossible to read my omnibus edition of The Lord of the Rings, so that’s my excuse for buying this beautiful book. I’ll have the others to match this one soon.

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I won a book giveaway thebooker hosted for a copy of Love Letters to the Dead a while back and it’s finally here! I wanted to thank her for being kind enough to host a giveaway and let her know how excited I am to read this next!

Don’t ask me why I put an exclamation after “Thanks” and not a comma. I don’t know. 

Yay, I hope you enjoy it!

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I love how quiet uni is during mid-semester break. I had a mini stationary and book shopping trip (I got a pretty edition of The Return of the King - I should get the same one for The Two Towers next week in the mail) and now I’m studying. I’ll be online later this afternoon.

Have a lovely day, word shakers!

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5 Unforgettable Love Letters to Libraries

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When you review books, have you like written stuff out as you read them? So while you're reading and have thoughts about a particular passage or when you come to realize that you like/dislike this or that aspect of the book, do you jot them down so you can remember them when you go to write the review?

Yeah. I struggle to write reviews if I don’t have some kind of notes to work with. I take more notes straight after a book than I do during it, while it’s still fresh in my mind and so that it doesn’t take away from my reading experience. It’s usually brief like words to describe something that probably makes no sense to anyone else but can get me an entire paragraph in a review. I take my notes under specific headings for different aspects of a book (writing, characters, etc.), which also helps when I write my reviews in that kind of format. Taking notes is a big help when I can’t always post a review immediately after I’ve finished reading.

I really want to buy a new notebook to use solely for review notes actually. I also want one for quotes.