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» Rasputin’s Daughter by Robert Alexander «


With the same riveting historical narrative that made The Kitchen Boy a national bestseller and a book-club favorite, Robert Alexander returns to revolutionary Russia for the harrowing tale of Rasputin’s final days as told by his youthful and bold daughter, Maria. Interrogated by the provisional government on the details of her father’s death, Maria vividly recounts a politically tumultuous Russia, where Rasputin’s powerful influence over the throne is unsettling to all levels of society and the threats to his life are no secret. With vast conspiracies mounting against her father, Maria must struggle with the discovery of Rasputin’s true nature-his unbridled carnal appetites, mysterious relationship with the empress, rumors of involvement in secret religious cults-to save her father from his murderers. Swept away in a plot much larger than the death of one man, Maria finds herself on the cusp of the Russian Revolution itself. With Rasputin’s Daughter, Robert Alexander once again delivers an imaginative and compelling story, fashioned from one of history’s most fascinating characters who, until now, has been virtually unexplored in fiction.

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