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R U SUPERHUMAN? lol Honestly u always seem 2 be at uni, whether u r goin 2 classes or at the library studying, & u always post about doing ur hwk & u always seem 2 get everything done! HOW DO YOU DO IT!? Whats ur study plan? How do u organize everything out? Do u have set times each day where u do hwk, study & then get on tumblr? No seriously my grades suck right now but u really r an inspiration! U must have all A's! I just wanted 2 no how u seem 2 get it all done. Whats ur secret? TELL ME! lol

Haha no. I just have a good work ethic. I like keeping on top of things and being organised but I still get crazy stressed and freak out about everything.

I’ll try to give you tips but just remember that the way I do things might not work for you. We’re all different and all have our own ways of doing things. :)

  • I get the majority of my work done on campus. I have a lot of breaks and hate wasting time so I make sure every spare second I get is taken up by working on something. I find I work better in the library than I do at home. The latter has too many distractions.
  • Mentally I plan what I need to do and in what order. For example, huge research essays take priority over a draft article. It’s always important to take due dates into consideration.
  • I start working on assignments as soon as possible. I break it up into steps: Collect sources, take notes, whittle the notes down until what’s only necessary, do a detailed plan, write, check, edit. (I only start writing an essay once I know I have enough information and I’ve planned exactly what I’m going to say)
  • Uni work is always my priority, especially over Tumblr. I love you guys but I’m not going to get qualifications from being a book blogger. ;)
  • Have set days for work and set days for relaxing. A lot of people say they do a bit everyday but I don’t like that personally - I’d rather have two serious study days and then relax for the rest of the week then have to worry about it for 7 days.
  • CHILL TIME IS IMPORTANT. Don’t work too hard and get yourself in a state. Take breaks, drink plenty, and try to remain chilled. I don’t always do that and it just makes things worse, trust me. 
  • I get a lot done on the train. Traveling to and from takes nearly 2 and a half hours so I can get a lot done then. A lot of the time I read for the fun of it but when necessary I take a textbook.
  • I don’t like skipping classes but occasionally I skip lectures (and catch up with the online recordings) if it’s necessary. If I do skip, I still work on uni stuff.

That’s probably pathetic advice and I’ve just waffled on and not helped in the slightest. You could always come off anon and I can help more specifically. Until then, I hope you can get something from the rambles.

(I haven’t actually got any grades from uni yet because I’m only halfway through my first semester so I’m scared! In history at school I was an A+ student but it’s so different. Note that I only just scraped a pass in maths so my nerdness is limited)

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  1. americonecookiedoughdream said: my same plan for writings papers. Except I like to listen to very calming music. Research papers are always first and the most tedious unless you organize your work well.
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