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What should I read next?

I still have to finish A Thousand Splendid Suns and I have to read a play for my world lit course but I’d like your help in choosing my next read/s. I’ve selected a few that appeal to me at the moment.

Whichever book has the most votes by the time I’ve finished my current book will be the one I read next!

I’ll write a review on whichever book I do read so you can base your choice on a book you’ve enjoyed yourself or one you want to hear my thoughts on. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. wetravelnottoescapelife answered: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken!!
  2. willherondale answered: The Darkest Minds!
  3. ella-catherine answered: Seraphina by rachel hartman loved that book so much and then re-read Gatsby because it’s awesome :)
  4. thefaminetournaments answered: SERAPHINA SERAPHINA SERAPHINA
  5. star-kisse-s answered: The Darkest Minds
  6. ashleythebookslayer answered: TDM!
  7. ladysophiekitty answered: I love On the Jellicoe Road but I should warn you that it can be a bit hard to get into. SO WORTH IT though.
  8. sincerely-dreams said: the darkest minds!! im reading it right now, and dude… no words
  9. klaylasfriendyperson answered: the darkest mind
  10. cornzbeat answered: The 5th Wave! I read the first 70 pages available online and wow. If I had an ARC I would def. take advantage of that.
  11. princessofattolia answered: Gatsby because you can do it quick and get right on to the rest. The only other one I’ve read is P&P, and it was good and unexpectedly funny.
  12. vforveronika answered: the 5th wave!
  13. lightjinx answered: I vote Great Gatsby for the movie :)
  14. medieval-canadian answered: Read Gatsby before the movie comes out!
  15. shouseinthehouse answered: pride and prejudice!
  16. forget-about--the-heartbreaks answered: Pride & Prejudice
  17. theunstablemindofadreamer answered: The Great Gatsby
  18. sweetcheekslightwood answered: Pride and Prejudice :)
  19. pintsizedslasherr answered: Pride and Prejudice is a good choice :G
  20. attoliakingdom answered: On the Jellicoe Road! Melina Marchetta is amazing!!! Her books are a must read
  21. fellandnoonecaughther said: Pride and prejudice! :-)
  22. allisunargents answered: on the jellicoe road
  23. beyoncepatronus answered: Seraphina - I haven’t heard of it beforeso I want your opinion! (This is the reasoning behind most of my votes.)
  24. 100percentthatbxtch answered: Pride and Prejudice!
  25. shaker-of-words answered: Pride & Prejudice
  26. keladry answered: The Darkest Minds or Jellicoe Road!
  27. catastropheinpink answered: pride and prejudice
  28. hankgreensmoustache answered: P&P
  29. queenofterrasen said: Pride and Prejudice, I’m completely in love with the book. It’s amazing.
  30. sabookwormabroad answered: Either The Darkest Minds or On the Jellicoe Road because I want to know what you think of both :)
  31. thurmonds answered: tHE DARKEST MINDS
  32. marie2830 answered: The Great Gatsby!
  33. thebluesconsumes answered: Price and Prejudice. I never really enjoyed the Gatsby book :)
  34. meganreadsbooks answered: Pride and Prejudice! :)
  35. bunsofcheese answered: THE 5TH WAVE. I read an ARC of it and it is SOOOO GOOD
  36. typo-photo-grapher answered: The Darkest Minds
  37. unintendedwonderwall said: Pride and Prejudice!
  38. seleneium answered: The Great Gatsby!
  39. faithfulsidekickweasley answered: Pride and Prejudice :D
  40. thetemptedfates answered: p & p seriously i reread that book like every two months and it never loses its magic
  41. feeling-bookish answered: THE DARKEST MINDS!!!
  42. renewthenewme said: I haven’t heard of most of the books but I vote Seraphina.
  43. booksthatstartwitha answered: Jellicoe Road or Gatsby
  44. krikabica said: On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta! :)
  45. katastrophicallynerdy answered: On the Jellicoe Road!
  46. theburdenofthetimelord answered: seraphina
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